77 Marine Lubricants

77 Lubricants has an extensive marine lubricants portfolio, which includes high-performance diesel-engine cylinder oils, trunk-piston engine oils and special greases. We also provide a range of technical services and lubrication advice to support our customers in gaining optimum results when they use our 77 lubricants products. With a national supply chain of 6 bunker barges for lubricant transport and dedicated tank trucks, 77 Lubricants marine products are guaranteed to be delivered on demand in all Dutch ports.

Worlds biggest bunker barge in the Port of Rotterdam

The Port of Rotterdam, located in the city of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is the largest port in Europe. Every year about 34.000 sea-going vessels and 100.000 inland vessels call at the Port of Rotterdam. The petrochemical industry and general cargo transshipment handlings are the most important activities in the Port of Rotterdam. For deliveries in the Rotterdam area, 77 Lubricants works with the world’s biggest and most modern double hull lubricants bunker barge: the TNB Pride.

Use our technical expertise to improve your productivity

As a leading supplier of marine lubricants, we have the resources to develop technology and services that immediately respond to your evolving lubrication needs. Our dedicated team of engineers and technicians offers unrivalled technical expertise. Through our oil analyses we can support you with our technical information and increase your productivity and profit.

For additional information on our services, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail at info@77lubricants.nl.

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