77 Lubricants China new poster


謝謝中壢 #傑輝汽車 的趙老闆選擇了 #荷蘭77機油,讓我們做這麼大的海報,小編也是第一次做這麼大的海報,很開心 老闆開業多年,技術純熟,其他師傅也非常用心專業,汽車保養,疑難雜症都能幫您解決,有機會可以到傑輝汽車(中壢市環中東路667號)保養一次看看,而且現在有在做活動,保養選擇77機油,贈送#PM車內香氛劑一罐(原價$600),現場幫你做好車內芬香,超讚的,小編今天也開了自己的愛車去保養,本來都沒有做過車內香芬的,覺得浪費錢,但是7/19看 #地球黃金線 介紹好像不賴,一直想買來用,雖然自己是員工,但是還是要花錢買,剛好藉由這次活動,能保養贈送,當然趕快開來保養!!!哈哈

Thank you, Zhong Hao #杰辉汽车’s Zhao boss chose # 荷兰77油油, let us make such a big poster, Xiaobian is also the first time to do such a bi g poster, very happy The boss has been in business for many years, skilled, other masters also Very professional, car maintenance, incurable diseases can help you solve, have the opportunity to go to Jiehui Automobile (No. 667, Middle East Road, Zhongli City) to take a look at it, and now there is activity, maintenance choose 77 oil, Give #PM car perfume a can (original price $600), on-site to help you do a good fragrance inside the car, awesome, Xiaobian today also opened his own car to maintain, originally did not have car inside incense Fen, I feel that I am wasting money, but the 7/19 look #地球金线 introduction seems to be not bad, I always want to buy it, although I am an employee, but still have to spend money to buy, just by this event, can maintain the gift, of course, hurry Open to maintain!!! Haha

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